Report shows WordPress growing in brand strength in 2010


It wasn’t long ago that Water and Stone started their survey. Their 2010 Open Source CMS Market Share Report, full of their findings in 2010, is now available. The report came to a number of ultimate conclusions, which included:

  • The Big Three—WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal—remain firmly in command of the market.
  • WordPress has taken the lead in brand strength after a strong growth year.

WordPress brings in the most weekly downloads, far more than they did last year (as we know). In fact, WordPress saw improvement (and some would say domination over the competition) in just about every category.The full report is worth a look in its entirety, and you can download it directly from Water and Stone.

Now, do you really need another survey to tell you that WordPress is what you should be spending your time on? I mean come on, you’re clearly a WordPress guru already! Do you ever use these kinds of reports to convince friends and clients that WordPress is the way to go?

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