Vote on the WordPress finalists at WPHonors

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WPHonors is the site running WordPress awards—think the Oscars for WordPress—for 2010 and has now reached the finalists stage. With the first round of voting and judging complete, it’s now up to you to have the final say. The final stage has come up a bit later than expected, as organizer Jared Williams explains:

It has taken a little longer than expected due to a few factors, but you can now vote on the final nominees for each of the 12 categories for the 2010 WordPress Honors.

Please share this with everyone so we can get as many votes as possible since this started later than planned. I was very busy working on an ecommerce site that had to go live by last week, and was not able to finish making the custom post type and page template for the finalists until that was finished. Plus the judges hadn’t completed all of their votes so I had to do some magic with that.

WPCandy didn’t make it into the finals unfortunately, but I (Ryan Imel) am in the running the blog authors category.

Did your favorites make it into the finalists round? Who do you think will win now?