Vladimir Prelovac releases WP Quick Deploy WordPress plugin to manage plugins


There’s no way I could introduce Vladimir Prelovac’s new plugin better than he does himself in his announcement post:

I am happy to announce my 23-rd WordPress plugin called WP Quick Deploy.

I dare say it will change the way you setup new blogs or populate your existing ones with plugins forever.

No small claim. The new WP Quick Deploy plugin provides an interface for installing a number of popular WordPress plugins from one screen, all at once. While the plugin, by default, provides a specific set of plugins for installation (with more added over time) the list of plugins can be changed by editing the plugin’s own plugins.ini file.

WP Quick Deploy can be downloaded for free from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Now we have plugins managing plugins. At what point have we invented the Matrix again?

4 thoughts on “Vladimir Prelovac releases WP Quick Deploy WordPress plugin to manage plugins

  1. Ah…. as soon as someone makes a plugin for editing the plugins.ini file of this plugin, for managing plugins, I believe we will be stuck in a plugin wormhole loop. The implications are far reaching….

  2. Thanks Guys,

    The plugin looks good. Although it would be awesome if I could build up a list of plugins I currently have installed and/or provide a CSV to it and then it would fetch all these for me.

    That way it would be super simple to setup a new site with all the plugins you want.

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