VideoPress drops the glowing lights for a clean and blue look


It looks like the folks over at Automattic have updated VideoPress with a clean, light-themed layout. VideoPress was launched in 2009 as an add-on service for users, allowing them to upload and host videos without relying on sites like Youtube or dealing with advertisements.

In addition to the visual change, VideoPress can now be signed up for from itself, whether you’re signing up for a dot com or dot org account. Even if you aren’t in need of a new VideoPress account, check out the slick signup process they’ve created.

Seems like they felt it was time for a new approach. For a full redesign comparison, check out the image embedded just after the jump.

The old look is on the left, and the new one is on the right:

Go check out the redesign and let us know what you think!

8 thoughts on “VideoPress drops the glowing lights for a clean and blue look

  1. The new design looks good, but I wish they could spend the efforts to make their service more compatible for mobile… I’ve used VideoPress for two years, but then had the problem of all my videos not working on mobile devices that are not flash enabled, such as the iPhone and iPad. They did make the change to HTML5 where it works if you blog is on, but you are out of luck if you are self-hosted… now having to move a bunch of videos to another platform.

      • mmm, that is odd that they mention it. I did talk to the peeps at WordPress about this 3 months or so back, and they told me that is didn’t work with self-hosted. And they had no immediate plans to do it. I’ve been keeping my plugin updated and haven’t seen any changes, so I’m thinking it’s still only works on .com

      • Well, shoot, I wish they would have told me this when I talked to them… now I have almost everything moved over : ( May still send them a note and see why it isn’t working on my site as I am using 1.5 of the plugin… will come back and let everyone know… thanks!

  2. There is one fundamental feature missing in VideoPress. Let me explain….

    Last year I tried to setup a video competition site for a school (a side project) where kids (tweens) could upload videos that they had made.

    It was looking great until we realized that for it to work each user (competitor) on the site needed to have their on account on in order to upload their own videos and have then associated with their own wp user account on the site. Because of privacy reasons they were not allowed to setup their own accounts and the site never went ahead. It was a bummer.

    It is the missing link!!!

      • This is an interesting use case, particularly with regards to your privacy obligations. You are correct that, if you want each student to have a video associated with their own account, they would need accounts.

        Allowing the videos to be associated with accounts on your self-hosted WordPress site has potential as a new feature in a future version – would this solve your privacy issues?

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