VideoPress plugin gets new features


The VideoPress WordPress plugin has been updated with a handful of new features.

Self-hosted WordPress blogs utilizing VideoPress are now able to use HTML5 Ogg video playback in place of Flash. Ogg is a format “unrestricted by known patent claims or intellectual property licensing hurdles.” The option to use free formats can be toggled using the Free Formats option in the blog’s media settings. Individual videos can be set to use free formats by including “freedom=true” in the shortcode.

The new version also adds support for autoplay using the shortcode parameter “autoplay=true”. The parameter works for both Flash and HTML5 videos.

VideoPress is available from the WordPress plugin directory. All users are recommended to upgrade to the new version to take advantage of speed and stability improvements. To learn more about the new version, check out the official VideoPress announcement.

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    • iOS playback is a combination of the decoder software and available markup. The Ogg Theora / Vorbis changes do not apply to iOS but will work in other playback environments such as Android.

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