The Viddler blog moves to WordPress hosting

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Popular video platform Viddler’s blog is now hosted by Viddler’s blog is filled with all sorts of great stuff for developers, for business folks, and enough silly stuff to keep it a proper blog. On moving over to as their host, Viddler CEO Rob Sandie said: made it super easy to switch over our 5 years worth of blog posts within minutes. We are excited about not having to manage this ourselves. Hosting our WordPress blog with is helping us focus on our core competency.. creating full length movie’s such as ninja vs. cowboys is a hosted WordPress option for those who want to use WordPress but don’t want to mess around with hosting on their own. See the two-minute introduction to for a better idea of what they offer.

Have you ever considered switching to a WordPress-centric host, for yours or your client sites? Or do you prefer the control of running things yourself?