VaultPress previews Multisite support, invites you to test it out


The VaultPress team must be looking for happy users, since they announced this week that Multisite support for VaultPress is on the radar and coming soon. It may not be the number one feature request they’ve seen, but it’s easily the number one feature request for VaultPress that I’ve seen.

Their post included a screenshot of VaultPress running in a Multisite installation of WordPress, just to tease eager users bit further. Shaun Andrews of the VaultPress team has also invited those users interested in joining their testing of the Multisite feature to contact them.

Will you be using VaultPress upcoming Multisite feature? Will it cause you to try VaultPress out for the first time, or have you been using VaultPress for a while and are just excited to use the new feature?

4 thoughts on “VaultPress previews Multisite support, invites you to test it out

  1. Depending on the feature support I would likely give VaultPress a try with eager anticipation. BackupBuddy MS (multisite support) was very disappointing in regards to feature support (no support to backup or restore individual sub-sites). Hoping VaultPress for multisite will improve on that.

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