VaultPress has cashed all of the golden tickets: sign up at will


VaultPress has quietly opened up signups to anyone, forgoing the golden ticket requirement they have mainted for the better part of the last year. Previously a golden ticket was required, which was either a specific invite from VaultPress itself or a current user. Now anyone can freely visit their signup page and opt to regularly send them money. Congrats!

The last public mentions of golden tickets by VaultPress were on their blog on March 15 and on Twitter on May 26. Then last week Automattic’s own Andy Skelton noticed the change and tweeted that the golden ticket requirement had been removed.

Do you use VaultPress for backups? Were you waiting for a golden ticket?

7 thoughts on “VaultPress has cashed all of the golden tickets: sign up at will

  1. I use VaultPress and I just love it. It gives me peace of mind and when something was amiss at my hosting an actual person(!) for VaultPress contacted me about it. That’s the type of service you get, in one word ‘perfect’!

  2. Anyone have any ideas what the 2 additional features in the Enterprise Plan include?


    + Consultative Security
    + Performance Auditing


    • I think Performance Auditing will come down to checking out the performance of you website. Perhaps even improving it.

      Not quite sure what Consultative Security includes. Think it might have something to do with checking the security of your website, other than the WordPress parts. Perhaps even on server level.

  3. Thanks for the reply Coen. Given the $310/mo difference between the Enterprise and Premium plan, I hope there is a bit more meat to what is included. I’ll drop them a note and report back.

  4. Following up on my question above, as promised here is the response from Vault Press regarding the 2 additional Enterprise features:

    Consultative security means we’ll investigate your entire WordPress installation, review your core files, settings, plugins and themes, and then make recommendations to you on locking down your site. Upon your approval we’ll then make changes and fix any holes we find.

    Performance auditing means we’ll benchmark your site’s performance and then make recommendations on how to improve your page load times and other variables. Again, with your approval, we’ll make changes to improve performance of your site.

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