User Registration add-on coming to Gravity Forms


Gravity Forms, the flagship product of Rocket Genius, has released Beta 3 of the new, and very cool, User Registration add-on. The add-on adds significant power and flexibility to the popular form plugin. With User Registration, customers get a variety of new controls, a few of which you may find interesting:

  • Integrate payment and role changes with a new user registration
  • BuddyPress profile integration
  • Integrate user registration with the Post Creation feature to register new authors
  • My favorite: Create entire new sites for new users with Multisite

Carl Hancock had this to say regarding the Multisite feature:

This allows you to not only register a user, but also create them a site and assign them as the administrator when running a WordPress network (multi-site) install.

User Registration is one of two new add-ons for Gravity Forms, the second being the Paypal add-on.  It already has add-ons to integrate with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and FreshBooks. All add-ons are exclusively available with the developer license, which will set you back $199. You can follow Rocket Genius on Twitter for news of the official release.

It is amazing to me to think about the potential for putting these new features together with the pricing fields and multi-page forms in v1.5, to be released soon. Essentially, this one plugin has all the tools you need to create a very sophisticated online business. Do you own the developer license of Gravity Forms already, or are you considering an upgrade from a different license? Do these features make you more interested in the plugin? If not, will you buy an upgrade for me? 🙂

3 thoughts on “User Registration add-on coming to Gravity Forms

  1. I have a developers licence and have been testing the new user registration on one of my clients sites that has a membership system built into it. I had tried many different plugins (and combinations of) to get the perfect “in page” user registration form and can say 100%, hands down the new GF add on kicks ass!

    I am currently designing a new WordPress showcase website and intend on using the new features of GF 1.5 and the User Registration add on there as well.

    Developers licence is deffinately worth it, and their support is legendary!

  2. Brian, I couldn’t agree more. Gravity forms is amazing. I’ve tried a number of fairly good contact forms but nothing comes close to Gravity.I use Gravity Forms for my own site : in pages or sidebar .hundreds of functionality ,file upload, guest Post ,Contact form , Polling

    I use it for a few months now, i love it.

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