UpThemes launches a totally unsolicited (seriously) Friends of WPCandy discount


The folks at UpThemes have launched a completely unsolicited (pinky swear), clever-and-lovable-which-makes-it-okay-it’s-a-shameless-attempt-at-coverage discount code, just for readers of WPCandy. I’m pretty sure that means you guys.

The discount code is WPCANDYFRIENDS and will score you nearly $80 off either of their club memberships (standard or developer).

Personally I’m just surprised that UpThemes’ Levo would have any love to offer WPCandy at all. After all, it was likely our forgetfulness that caused the poor robotic guy to receive a hearty beating in our just-for-fun mascot contest a while back. I’m just glad Levo can forgive and forget.

Okay, so it’s a shameless ploy for WPCandy coverage. But who doesn’t love a discount, right? If you run a theme shop, or something else that would be interesting to WPCandy readers, feel free to join in the shamelessness and post a discount in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “UpThemes launches a totally unsolicited (seriously) Friends of WPCandy discount

  1. Alright. I guess I’ll be the first to add my shameless plug.

    We’ll do a 75% off coupon on our All Themes Pack.

    Normally it’s $98 – this discount would make it $24.50 – and it’ll get you all our themes all the time. We’re new, so we only have three, but we’re about to release another real estate theme and have a vacation rentals theme coming up in the next month.

    The coupon code is wpsweettreat

    Thanks for the invitation to plug our discounts!

    • Haha, nice rebound Jason! We’re a small theme shop here at http://8bit.io also. I’d whip up a coupon code as well, but we’re trying to pace our promotions at the moment.

      If you’re not familiar with UpThemes, check them out. I’m a fan!

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