Unofficial International WordPress Day


Unofficial International WordPress Day. That can only mean one thing, right? One day – Tuesday, July 1 – out of the whole year to celebrate the existence of WordPress. But, like the title says, this isn’t official or anything. Your boys over here at WPCandy just wanted to have a little fun within the community.

What’s This All About?

We want to dedicate a day to just thank the awesome folks over at Automattic for putting together some really awesome projects, such as WordPress, bbPress, etc. I bet they work their asses off and I think they deserve a little bit of appreciation (not that they don’t get any, but there’s never too much appreciation).

Where You Come In

If you love WordPress as much as we do, then we invite you to blog about it with us on Tuesday, July 1. It doesn’t have to be too formal or anything, just make a simple (or incredibly long) post about WordPress. Here are some topics your post could cover:

  • Why you use it and prefer it over other CMSs
  • How it’s helped your business or blog
  • A thank you letter to Automattic
  • Your top-secret tips and tricks

Remember, the point of the whole thing is to publicly express your love for WordPress 🙂

Donate to WordPress

As you all know, WordPress is free and open-source, and there are many people behind the scenes working their asses off simply because they love WordPress. With that said, we’re asking you to please join us in donating to WordPress. These folks really deserve it. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount – in fact, any amount will do – but not only will it help them out, it’ll also show how much we appreciate all they’ve done.

What We’re Doing

WPCandy is hosting an activities day on Unofficial International WordPress Day. We’ll have coloring sheets, crossword puzzles, and…no, that’s not right. How about some giveaways? We’re lucky enough to have a pot of TWENTY premium themes, theme packs, plugins, ad spots, and more. How do I enter, you ask?

It’s simple. Simply post a comment below about how you love WordPress and thank Automattic and you’ll automatically be entered into the contest.

Or, if you’re in a good mood, you may choose to write a blog post about WordPress. You can use some of the suggested topics above or do whatever you want. Then, in your post, link back to this article. We will be notified of the incoming link and will include it in the drawing.

We have a growing pot of 20 prizes to give away. Yes, 20! WPCandy is fortunate enough to have an awesome set of sponsors who have donated premium themes and plugins, ad spots, theme packs, and more. Here’s what we’re giving away:

Again, we’ll be collecting all of the comments and trackbacks and picking random winners. Note: WPCandy is the sole judge of who “deserves” to win these prizes. If we feel your post or comment isn’t meaningful enough, is spam, or is a cheap shot at entering the contest in any way, we’ll just skip you and move on to the next person. So please, make it nice. 🙂

Thanks to all of our sponsors for graciously donating some of their products to make WordPress Day so much better.

Unofficial International WordPress Day

(Photo by Donncha)

138 thoughts on “Unofficial International WordPress Day

  1. Our beloved WP and the great folks at Automattic really deserve a celebration day!

    I’ll be posting in Italian, as I usually do at, hope you guys keep me in the contest anyway 😉


  2. Great idea, and it’s on my birthday too! I feel privileged to share such a day 🙂 Good luck with this hope it works out nicely.

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  10. I think Matt and the entire Automattic team have done an awesome job ! Kudos to them for creating an excellent blogging software and offering it for free.

    I love WordPress ! And hats off to you for taking the initiative and announcing a day for WordPress. Great going !!

  11. Dan and everyone at WPCandy,

    Wonderful idea! I can’t wait to see what posts people come up with. Of course, I’ll be writing about my wonderful experience with WordPress as well! Thanks for the holiday, and I’ll definitely talk about it on this week’s WordCast (

  12. Before thanking Automattic, I just wanted t thank the WP-Candy Team for this wonderful day they have created. While wordpress is free, some wonderful themes and plugins are not. Let this day be the day that all wordpess user, rich or poor, have a chance to make their wordpress blogs even better than it already is. Thank you WP-Candy and I hope this will be a tradtion for many years to come.

    Now on to Automattic…

    You have made it so much easier for people to have their own space on the web. It used to be that it was so hard and complicated to make a blog that you would have to go to school to learn it! I don’t know a bit of code and I have a wonderful place online to write about what goes on in my mind. Not only does it work, but you can customize it to your hearts content, so that everyone has a different look and feel. Thank you soooo much! You have really made a difference and it must be obvious to you, since nearly every blog on the Internet is derived from your work. I think every blogger in the world owes you a beer….

    – Gabe Jacobs
    Monday; June 30, 2008

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  14. WordPress has always been a real great piece of Software, not only does it provide flexibility to the users but also gives plugins and theme developers access to the internals without having to modify the core.

    The extendability of WordPress takes it a few notches above the rest. That said Matt and team have not sat back and have been adding in new features time and again.

    I wish Automattic all the success and heartily thank them for giving us such a wonderful piece of software.

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  17. WordPress has saved me tons of time by being a flexible, with all the plugins and themes out there its realy easy to convert it into a CMS for major sites, rather then using other software thats way bigger and uses more resources unlike our beloved wordpress.

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  19. Thank god for ‘unofficial’ eh? July 1 is also the official birthday of Canada so those two little mirrored (un) have just saved you from an international catastrophe, or maybe just an international apostrophe. I shall join the blogging festivities with beer firmly in hand in celebration of my country and content management system of choice simultaneously. Hurrah!

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  21. Basically, without WordPress, I wouldn’t be blogging and encouraging others to blog in my workplace.

    So, thanks to Matt and Automattic for a wonderful piece of social media tool!

  22. Yay! I can’t imagine my life without WordPress. I heart WP. Congrats and more power! Happy “Unofficial” WordPress Day. 🙂

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  24. Thank Automatic…I think it is great to make July 1st WordPress day. Been using it as a CMS for my business. It is easily setup and I could upgrade it in minutes.

    thank you people at Automattic! Keep up the good work!

  25. Thanks automatic for the development of WordPress.
    Also thanks to the WP community for the great themes and plugins avaiable.
    Booth keep up the good work.

    Happy International WordPress day….

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  27. Before I found WordPress, I was struggling to find the right CMS for my site.
    WordPress makes it very easy to me to start blogging.
    It’s very flexible and versatile, with tons of themes and plugins

    I can’t imagine my blogging life without WordPress from now on.
    Thank you WordPress developers and contributors!

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  29. I’m with WordPress from it’s first release. I saw it growing from a little blog script to a robust CMS core. I founded WordPressMania to help spread the WP knowledge to italian-only readers. I feel to be part in one of the most collaborative, open and creative community around the net.
    Thank you WP, thank you wonderful community!


    p.s. As many suggested don’t forget to leave some donation, too!

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  31. Everybody pretty much said what I wanted to say so instead of repeating the noise, I wrote about my upcoming WP News Theme!

    WordPress is super awesome and I’m glad they continue to release awesome features and upgrades!

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  37. WordPress makes my life so much easier. It makes all other blogging platforms look like those guys caught on “To Catch A Predator”.

  38. Maybe I am not qualified to win the prizes, as I haven’t been playing with WordPress so much, but it’s ok. But this is all about expressing our loves with WordPress right? So I will just share here about my senior’s success with wordpress. He is now a fully wordpress freelancer and has been making life from WordPress! So I am just proud of him and wish that I could follow his success, not in any short time though as I still have to finish my study, two years to go. But if I were stranded on an island and could bring only one thing, it would be my laptop with wordpress installed locally!

    I am really thanking Automattic for doing such a great job! And best of luck to you guys!

  39. happy birthday wordpress!

    Thank you automattic for providing us with such a great software for free. I will repay you when I manage to earn some money out of my blogs. It is very user friendly!

  40. Awesome thing you guys doing here. Big thanks to Automattic!

    I just got into using WP last year and have been amazed at how great of a content management tool it is! I love WordPress and the capabilities & flexibility of it, which has made blogging a lot easier for me. Keep up the great work. 🙂

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  44. I started blogging about one year ago, and tried others publishing systems, but nothing compared to WordPress. During this time, my personal (portuguese) blog was located at and I’m very happy with it. But thanks to Automattic, now i’m moving to my own host and domain with wordpress!
    The official lunch will be very soon.

    sorry about my english

  45. You can say WordPress is a wonderful blogging software, a great content management system or even the best software to create any web site. As true as that can be, WordPress ultimately equals hope. Hope to be a better blogger, hope to be better web designer, hope to be a better internet entrepreneur. WordPress has brought hope to a lot of people. With hope it has become an integral part of many peoples’ lives.

    Not just blogging for fun, a lot of people earn their living with WordPress, like internet marketers and freelance web designers. Then there are friends who communicate with each other through blogs, politicians use blogs to reach out to the people, businesses to their customers and potential customers. And many of these people choose WordPress over any other similar products.

    From .com to .org, WordPress has truly influenced the lives of many many people. To blog is fun, but to blog with WordPress is just awesome. And the WordPress community is equally awesome.

    Hats off to WordPress, the community and the guys at Automattic.

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  49. Just wanted to add my two cents in and raise a toast to WordPress.

    The free product and the great community add up to a powerful platform.

    Thanks to all the developers, free-theme writers, bloggers and plugin-writers who make WordPress easy enough for ME to use!

  50. This is a fun idea. I only blog for business and those blogs are powered by WordPress. When I initially began my condo blog it was meant to be a complementary addition to my overall business marketing strategy. However, it has evolved to become my primary marketing vehicle and has also enabled me to create new partnerships. The WordPress platform and inherent SEO benefits allowed my blog to quickly climb in Google’s SERPs . For many Seattle condo keywords the blog is usually among the top 2 organic results, driving significant traffic and business my way.
    The RSS feed feature has allowed me to forge partnerships with local media, which would not have been possible otherwise. A local NBC affiliate is exclusively carrying my blog feed in a special condo section on their website and one of the two major daily newspapers has linked to my blogs. The feed has been republished by other online media sites as well.
    Aside from those features, the greatest benefit is the ability to provide an interactive relationship, albeit virtual, between myself, the viewers and future clients. Implementing Automattic’s sidebar widget helps to foster that interactivity, so a big thank you out to Automattic. And, I also want to thank all those people who have invested their time and knowledge into creating a great blog platform.

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  53. Hi all, like i said before on a comment, i have participated on this high valueable event. Sorry for my english by the way.

    Today i wrote a post in my native language (portuguese from Portugal) about the Unofficial International WordPress day that is sponsored by wpcandy. I talked about it, explained what WordPress is and what it means to me and how you can get it.

    Now its 23:46 and i just beated my record of visitors with my post. Great day! Thanks folks!

    Mário Nunes

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  55. Hi! I love wordpress, but I don’t speak english, so I like speak in portuguese:
    Cara, WordPress é o melhor, é o firefox dos blogs, seu sistema de plugins é o melhor. Gosto muito dele. Muito messsmo.


  56. There are more reasons than I can list for why I love WordPress, but let me write out a few:

    1. Amazing development community that is constantly making improvements and changes to the core code.
    2. An extensive plugin system that allows me to make my living by doing WordPress extensions.
    3. A wonderful website to host my open source plugins and allow me to share my WordPress knowledge.

    I’ve used WP since 1.5 and love the way things are going. I’ve turned so many other people onto WordPress that I feel like an evangelist of the software. Thank you Automattic for leading the development of this software.

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  58. It goes without saying that the guys over at auttomatic and wordpress ROCK!! But in the last few days i have forgotten to thank them, so guys, THANK YOU

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  60. Thank you Automattic for making a superb and well supported blog system! My favorite thing about it is how it fits almost any type of site with a bit of tweaking. It’s *the best* content management system out there, and I used to recommend it to people looking for software to make websites when I worked retail.

    – Naresh

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  62. I love WordPress! Whenever I start a new project for a client, the first thing I think is “Could WordPress run this site and make it easy to use?” The answer is usually “yes”. Thanks to all the WordPress Devs.

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  71. Use WordPress – Don’t press your word, let it fly in the sky
    Use WordPress – Online free press for all your words
    thanx to automatic to bring out a great software to propagate the revolution of freedom across the world.

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  76. Hey everyone, thanks for participating yesterday! We had a pretty sweet turn out. Don’t forget, if you want to participate in our contest, you have until this Friday to enter. Keep those comments and posts coming!

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  78. I love WP because it makes setting up and starting a content blog, simple, easy, and very fun. I find that I am learning code more and I have a goal of starting my own WP Blog Customization business.

  79. Since I blog with WP every week day, I celebrate this awesome PHP & MySQL script by using it to publish my thoughts on just about anything which I believe will be of interest to others — and yes, I’m a WP Fan!

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  82. I love WordPress, but for next year please change it to July 2nd. July 1st is taken by … UM… CANADA !!

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  86. Hey, I’ve recently was introduced to a website that is promoting Jobs in Canada. I searched through the site and it is genuine with real jogs in Canada. I just wanted to let people know the site is available at and the applications are real. I tested them myself just to be sure. Good luck.

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