As the new year creeps toward us, Twenty Twelve talks begin

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Each year since 2010 there is a change in the default theme that ships with WordPress. Following up Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven, the new default theme for 2012 is called (if you haven’t guessed it already) Twenty Twelve. It’s expected to be released with WordPress 3.4.

The WordPress Development team has begun the discussion over the creation of the new theme. Twenty Twelve will be “kind of different from before, generally palatable and something that Matt likes,” says Jane Wells. While no real design has been created for the theme, there is a list of things they would like to include in the new theme. These features include:

  • Single post/permalink view with post formats
  • Variable height header image
  • A mobile version
  • Default to static front page
  • Editor styles the same as the front end
  • Avoid “clever” things that aren’t very useful, such as ephemera widget
  • Start with Twenty Eleven as code base, possibly Twenty Ten as it’s more maintained and popular
  • No featured image in header
  • Default to no header image

No timeline is in place yet for the theme design and development. There’s already a conversation going in the comments over at the WordPress development blog. If you’d like to join in, here’s a handy dandy link, just for you.

So, speak up: what would you like to see included in Twenty Twelve?