is Operating on WordPress

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A quick look at the source code of shows that Guy Kawasaki is using WordPress as the CMS behind his site. This is huge news for anyone using WordPress.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the amazing things Kawasaki is using WordPress to do:

  • Listing the most popular posts on the right side of the site (called “Greatest”)
  • Tagging each “truemor” posted (things like “crap” or “news” or “entertainment” for example)
  • Looks like (don’t quote me) a lot of the default text formatting (headers, blockquotes, etc.)

It’s exciting to see WordPress being used (nearly) to its fullest as a content management system. A high profile site like this one (which has been distinguished on TechCrunch and others) gives a lot of credence to those of us who believe in WordPress as handling rigorous site issues.

There are a couple of things worth mentioning though.

  1. Site Permalinks
    For best performance the permalinks on this site need to be changed. Adjusting it in almost any way other than the default (?page_id=1234) will help in search engines and general visitor browsing.
  2. Improved, Interactive 404 Pages
    As I’ve said before,
    404 pages should be very interactive and answer questions more than it should alert the visitor they have reached a dead end. Read more on the topic.

Overall, I’m very excited about this site. It’s a little disappointing, though, that this wasn’t quite done as well as it could have been.