WordPress 3.3 is really close; time for Release Candidate 2


It was just 6 days ago that WordPress 3.3 RC1 was released. Since then there’s been a handful of bugs fixed—then some more—and a few small tweaks to polish up the overall interface. Now we’re looking at RC2, just 32 commits later. Andrew Nacin made the announcement, and had to say:

As the first release candidate was well-received, we think we’re really close to a final release. Primarily, we’ve ensured that new toolbar (the admin bar in 3.2) has a consistent appearance across all browsers, and the API for developers is now final. You can check our bug tracker for the complete list of changes.

So if you’re looking to get your plugins and themes ready for when WordPress 3.3 drops, you’ll find your fair share of information on the development blog. I’d suggest you check it out, at the very least, there’s some live code examples you might find handy in the future.

If you spot a bug, you know the drill. Simply head on over to the alpha/beta section of the support forum and report your findings. Unless you’re comfortable writing a reproducible bug report as Nacin points out, in which case you can write one out on WordPress Trac.

Are you prepped for the release of the new version yet?

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