Themify cuts prices, gives away iPad 2


It looks like the folks over at Themify have heard the voice of the people and slashed the pricing of their membership clubs, and they’re celebrating with an iPad 2 giveaway. They’ve dropped the pricing of the Standard membership to $69 a year ($89 for Developer access) and completely eliminated the monthly fee.

But enough about that, you want to know how to get the iPad. They’re letting anybody enter, you can purchase one of the new memberships or follow them on Twitter and tweet about it. Be sure to comment and let them know on the official blog post. You can also hit that link up for more details.

Themify is no stranger to iPad giveaways. It looks like they had a lot of success with their last one. It’s always good to see a business responding to the desires of its customers. I’d be hard pressed to find another company willing to lower its prices just because people asked them to!

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