ThemeShaper sees a redesign, refocus as the Automattic Theme Team blog


ThemeShaper saw a redesign this week, which is always fun. But more interesting is the new vision for ThemeShaper, as it is now the blogging home of the Automattic Theme Team. ThemeShaper was previously the WordPress blogging home of Ian Stewart, who brought ThemeShaper to Automattic when he was hired in March of 2010.

The new design has retooled the site for the purpose of sharing tips and tricks from the Theme Team back to the community in a more organized way. Most recently Matt Mullenweg shared the backstory of premium themes on Currently featured on the new ThemeShaper are also Custom Menu Code Samples, A Sample WordPress Theme Options Page, and Using TextMate for WordPress Code Cleanup. So you can get an idea for where the Theme Team will be taking ThemeShaper in the future.

The design itself is based on Duster, a theme released on this week as well. Duster will be made available to users in a week or so. Watch last week’s interview with Lance Willett where we discussed, in part, the new ThemeShaper.

What do you think of the changeover, and the new design? Raise your hand if you’re excited to see Ian Stewart come back to WordPress blogging, at least in some capacity? Mine’s up.

9 thoughts on “ThemeShaper sees a redesign, refocus as the Automattic Theme Team blog

  1. It’s fun to see ThemeShaper become an official outlet in this way. I’m sure I’m like many of us in missing Ian’s blogging over there, so having him back, in some capacity, will be a treat. There will always be a little part of me bummed to see the independents absorbed into the big guys, but hey: we all have to grow up some time, right?

  2. It’s good to have Ian back, but what if he leaves Automattic at some point in the future? Also, Ian’s pre Automattic posts will be mixed up with official Automattic posts, which is sort of messy. They probably could have done this using a different domain. Still, I have a feeling I’m going to enjoy it.

  3. The new ThemeShaper theme is nice and clean. I really like it. Maybe a little improvement on the blog post layout under the featured post. Besides that I think it looks great!

  4. I really like the redesign over at ThemeShaper, it’s very good indeed, and I like how they designed it around the Duster Theme (or the other way about) released over on the other day (and soon to be for users!) — Plus it’ll be great to have Ian back blogging, not to forget Lance Willet and Matías Ventura for that matter, even Matt Mullenweg! 🙂

  5. Thanks for featuring ThemeShaper on WPCandy, Ryan! And hey, I never stopped blogging on ThemeShaper! I just haven’t blogged there much in the past year. We’re going to correct that though. Stay tuned for lots of Theme Team awesomeness on ThemeShaper. 🙂

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