ThemeLab launches a redesign by designer James McDonald


ThemeLab launched a redesign on their site a couple of weeks ago. The new design is the first big update to site’s appearance since December of 2009. Designer James McDonald put together the earlier site design as well as this new one.

ThemeLab’s proprietor Leland Fiegel developed the site himself, using McDonald’s design. So if you see anything out of place you can blame Fiegel. Unless you’re using Internet Explorer 6, he says:

Oh and also, if you’re using IE6, this site probably looks like garbage because I use a lot of transparent PNG images, and I don’t intend on fixing it either. View it in a modern browser.

The new design is mostly a realignment, and doesn’t involve a lot in terms of new features. Social sharing is trimmed down to the bare essentials (Facebook and Twitter) and related posts or recommended products have been added to the sidebars.

The redesign comparison image is posted below. The new design is on the left and the old on the right. Click for a slightly larger view.

Had you noticed the update to the ThemeLab this month? What do you think of McDonald’s and Fiegel’s work?

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