ThemeGarden free for authors “indefinitely”


ThemeGarden launched in late September as a new WordPress theme marketplace, and theme author applications were accepted. Upon launch, the promise was made that no monthly charges would be made to theme authors for three months in order to give the site time to gain traction. The curator of ThemeGarden, Jason Schuller, announced this week that this free period for authors would continue indefinitely, “until the site gains more traction within the WordPress community.”

Two months after launch ThemeGarden is home to 16 theme authors and over 70 themes. The marketplace currently includes free themes, exclusive themes, as well as themes from well known commercial theme brands like StudioPress and WooThemes.

Schuller makes the case for submitting your WordPress themes to the marketplace:

If you are a WordPress theme author, you really have absolutely nothing to lose by applying for an author account on… In short, if you have something to sell, just fill out an author application and I will get you set up with an author account right away.

The ThemeGarden author application is available here, and you can follow them on Twitter at @themegarden.

3 thoughts on “ThemeGarden free for authors “indefinitely”

    • Good question. I don’t know sales, but they are getting decent traffic numbers for just getting started recently. Compete stats (as reliable as they are) are showing around 15k visitors last month.

  1. I think you will find that StudioPress, Woo etc are actually just affiliate links. I suspect that ThemeGarden has realized that being an affiliates directory is their future … much more money in it for them…StudioPress, Woo etc provide them with 30-40%. Just do the maths and you will see that monthly charges generates hardly anything, but affiliate income is a “Thanksgiving” bag 🙂

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