ThemeFuse releases My Journey, integrates with Express iPhone app

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ThemeFuse has announced a new WordPress tumblog theme called My Journey that integrates with the Express iPhone app. In the announcement post the ThemeFuse folks describe the origin of My Journey:

A couple of weeks ago we received an email from Mark Brodhuber from ThemeForest asking us if we would like to do a wp theme that will have this new iPhone app throw into the mix.

Here we are happy to announce the new original WordPress theme called MyJourneydeveloped and sold exclusively on ThemeForest marketplace. We think it’s a perfect fit for a personal blog or portfolio and you can even post videos, photos and more by using Express App, an iPhone app that can be bought for $4.99 from the apple app store.

Due to the theme being requested specifically from ThemeForest, this particular theme is on sale only through ThemeForest (for $35) and will not be included in ThemeFuse’s theme pack. Demo the theme and, of course, pick it up if you’re into it.

Are you using WordPress as a microblog/tumblog yet? And if so, are you using a theme that’s compatible with the Express iPhone app?