ThemeFuse is giving away prizes for purchasing their themes in December


December is here, and so is the holiday cheer. It puts many in the mood to give, and ThemeFuse is no exception. ThemeFuse normally accepts $49 in exchange for theme files and support, but this month purchasing a theme will enter you to win a cash prize of either $500, $750, or $1,000. There are also a number of $50 and $100 prizes to be handed out as well.

Think of the competition as winning a refund for your theme purchase. Plus a whole lot of interest. Check out their site for more information.

4 thoughts on “ThemeFuse is giving away prizes for purchasing their themes in December

  1. I do not think bloggers will buy themes they don’t like just for winning a lottery. It will happen when they find certain themes they like from theme fuse.

    • @Aaron – The “no purchase required” law does not have a provision to make the activity legal based on whether or not people might or might not buy it. “No purchase required” is a very clear test for games of chance (i.e. giveaways.) But as Ryan states, it’s not clear if the law applies in Europe like is does in the US, and the US does not have jurisdiction over non US entities. So they are probably okay.

  2. We are based in 2 countries in Eastern Europe, where such regulations don’t stipulate this like in USA. I’ve talked with an attorney and as long as taxes are payed for the money that go out, we are within the law.

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