ThemeFortress releases new responsive theme framework called Reverie


ThemeFortress has released a new WordPress framework, Reverie, based off ZURB‘s Foundation framework. Reverie was built using HTML 5 and uses a grid system to help with creating layouts. It also uses media queries to adjust to different devices such as tablets and smart phones.

The feature list for Reverie includes:

  • HTML5 Boilerplate standard,
  • hNews microformat ready,
  • separate Foundation files,
  • clean image HTML output for TinyMCE,
  • custom menu output for ZURB’s sub navigation, and
  • custom caption output for HTML5 tags.

If you’re interested in more information about Reverie, check out the theme page over at ThemeFortress. If you use frameworks, what’s your go-to theme? Or do you prefer doing everything from nothing scratch?

8 thoughts on “ThemeFortress releases new responsive theme framework called Reverie

  1. Hello all, I am the author of the framework. Thanks Justin for mentioning ThemeFortress and Reverie! Can’t believe it is on WPCandy, the must-read WordPress blog 🙂

  2. Justin: Thanks for posting about Reverie. I just started working with Whiteboard. I took a look at Reverie and Foundation. I’m going to switch to Reverie.

    @Zhen: Nice work!

  3. Doesn’t work on Android? Just tested the demo on a stock Nexus S and the site freezes and won’t scroll past the initial view. Clicking the resize corner tab does nothing. Ideas?

  4. Thanks for the new responsive themes. Reverie is built on ZURB foundation; what are the significant benefits other than being responsive? I noticed that the top navigation menu disappears when re-sized smaller. Any feedback? Thanks!

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