ThemeForest purging themes from marketplace that only support WordPress 2.7


Mark Brodhuber of the ThemeForest team announced this week that at the end of the month WordPress themes supporting only version 2.7 or below will be purged from the marketplace. In the announcement, Brodhuber said:

Themes that only support older versions are becoming less and less relevant. For this reason, we wanted to announce that at the end of November, we’re going to be disabling any themes that only support up to WP 2.7.

If you have an older theme in your portfolio that stops at 2.7 compatibility or lower, and would like to keep it in your portfolio, please be sure to provide an update that will make it compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Anything left supporting only up to 2.7 will be disabled at the end of this month.

WordPress 2.8 was released in July of 2009, well over a year ago. If you have themes in the ThemeForest marketplace not yet up to date with the current version of WordPress, you have four weeks to update them or they will be removed.

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