ThemeForest has completed the purge of outdated themes from the directory


Okay, tell me we have some Lost fans out there. The Purge, get it?

The folks at ThemeForest have followed up on their word from a month ago and purged outdated WordPress themes from their directory listings. The purge effected only those themes WordPress 2.7 or below.

As Mark Brodhuber put it on the ThemeForest forums:

Hello everyone, the purge for any outstanding themes supporting 2.7 or below has gone into effect. If one of your themes has been disabled, you can bring it back to the library by providing an update to it once you’ve made sure it works without error in WordPress 3.0.

So rest assured that the themes you’re downloading from ThemeForest are a bit more up to date today then they were a month ago. Shop happy.

And it didn’t even take Ben Linus and a gas mask to make it happen. As far as we know.

4 thoughts on “ThemeForest has completed the purge of outdated themes from the directory

  1. Sounds like a great idea for the official Theme repository. I’ve proposed a Theme Obsolescence guideline, but have thus far been overruled. Unfortunately, that means that Themes released 30 months ago (and thus, designed for WordPress 2.6 at best) are still active in the repository.

  2. Yeah, we get it (the Lost reference, that is).

    This is great news; ThemeForest is a great resource. Even though I’ve got two developer subscriptions with some big premium theme companies (Woo & Obox), I still find a lot of great themes at TF for my client’s sites.

    • Oh absolutely. There are some really clever and talented people creating themes at a more independent level, distributing them through ThemeForest, ThemeGarden, and Mojo Themes that I think are definitely worth some attention.

  3. “of out of date”
    I think the word you were looking for is ‘outdated’.

    In my experience with ThemeForest offerings, if the criteria was compliance, they’d have very little left. ‘Deprecated’ is the word that comes to my mind most often when I look at their goodies.

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