ThemeForce offers up what they’ve learned in new marketing effort


During the early stages of running a business, you learn a lot. If you’re new to the market, there’s even more to learn. What you do with that information determines the direction you’ll head. Over the last few months, Theme Force, the service for helping restaurants build better websites on top of WordPress, has worked hard to make sure they’re going in the right direction.

To start their journey in the right direction, Theme Force has created a website to share what they’ve learned about restaurant websites with the people who need it most, the restaurants. Their new website, Better Restaurant Websites, is a chronicle of their newly gained knowledge (and, handily, also a clever marketing tool). They cover accessibility and mobile features, business features, search engines and social media.

If you’re a restaurant owner that wants something better for your customers, or just someone that’s curious, head over to the site and dig into the feast of helpful information.

Which restaurant in your town do you think has the best website? What makes it stand out?

4 thoughts on “ThemeForce offers up what they’ve learned in new marketing effort

  1. Hey…just thinking, shouldn’t the title be: “ThemeForce offers up what they’ve learned in new marketing effort” Instead of: “ThemeForce offers up want they’ve learned in new marketing effort”?

  2. I’d be curious how big the “restaurant” market is for WordPress Themes. We have several themes in our food/restaurant category but it doesn’t seem to get the traffic that other sections of our site do. In any event, I checked out the Theme Force site and linked the direction they were going.

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