will be a blog about fine tuning WordPress


Konstantin Kovshenin has launched a new WordPress focused blog called this week, focused on “fine tuning WordPress.” Quite a few features of the site have been teased so far: theme reviews, interviews, screencasts, freebies, etc. Right now their first non-introductory post is a post showing how to style your WordPress gallery.

If you would like to keep up with the new blog, grab their RSS or follow them on Twitter. You will also likely be seeing stuff from in our community links posts as well.

Kovshenin is a web developer in Moscow, Russia and the CTO at Frumatic.

Do you think there is room for more WordPress-focused blogs out there? What do you think is most lacking in this field?

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  1. I’d really love to see a weekly or monthly feature where a site like WPCandy or go behind the scenes of other established WordPress sites and take a look at the plugins, themes and customisations being used as well as offering tips on how to optimise. It’d be interesting to see the WP-Admin of other people’s WordPress sites and see what they do differently. WordPress is open source after all 🙂

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