Theme Viewer Being Thinned Out

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While doing my daily once-over of the WordPress Theme Viewer (to see what themes should be highlighted) I noticed a steep decrease in the number of themes added over the weekend. Moreover, I noticed something interesting about the number of pages listed at the bottom of the page.

Theme Viewer Comparison

And this is only what I was able to capture via caching. I distinctly remember the page count being upwards of 250+. Apparently the guys over at Theme Viewer have been busy. If you figure approximately fifteen themes fit to a full page on Theme Viewer, they’ve canned (if I’m right on the 250+ thing) over 1500 themes in the past few days.


This action is fitting with their decisions to improve Theme Viewer in a few different ways recently. One of those ways is by actually removing themes which are violating principles the Theme Viewer demands, and another is by not allowing any themes with sponsored links in them. That new policy works retroactively, as well. May be the biggest reason for the number of themes disappearing from the viewer, actually.

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