WordPress Theme Review Guidelines are being, well, reviewed

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The WordPress Theme Review Guidelines, in line with the upcoming release of WordPress 3.5, are under review and discussion by the Theme Review Team. Chip Bennett began the discussion on the Make WordPress Themes blog, where he explained the new version of WordPress will have little effect on themes aside from support for HiDPI screenshots.

Also up for discussion are new guidelines prohibiting themes from bundling custom content shortcodes, reduced criticality for content sidebar implementation in themes, and the importance of automatic feed links support in dot org themes.

A number of other items are brought up in the comments following Bennett’s post, and should be an interesting read for anyone who tries to stay on top of WordPress theme standards.

At the very least, the talk about prohibiting themes from bundling custom shortcodes sounds like a big step in the right direction — at least, I think I know of a few people who think so.

Now’s your chance for input: what would you like to see tweaked about the dot org theme review guidelines?

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