For developers: Theme Review Codex page updated

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The WordPress theme review page on the Codex was updated recently to reflect new guidelines and to remove previously redundant and contradictory information. The page was first created in 2010, and exists to help theme developers by listing the guidelines that are used to review submitted WordPress themes for inclusion in the WordPress Theme Directory.

About the new changes, theme reviewer Chip Bennett said:

“Within reason, and without stifling creativity or innovation, we want the Theme repository to reflect the “best of the best” of what WordPress Themes can be. Among other things, that means valid markup, error-free PHP, no calls to deprecated PHP or WordPress functions, and support for core WordPress features.”

The Theme Review page now has a section titled “Version Specific Changes” to make it easier for theme developers to track recent WordPress changes and update their themes accordingly.

The Theme Review team was formed earlier this summer and has spent the time since refining this Codex page and recovering from a backlog of over 100 themes waiting to be reviewed. The Theme Review page also has information on how to become a theme reviewer, if you are so inclined.

In addition to the Theme Review Codex page, the Theme Unit Test and the Theme Development pages were both updated with the help of Automattic Theme Wrangler Lance Willett. These pages also include updated testing data, a WordPress XML import file that developers can use to test their theme’s quality.

You can learn more about the theme review process by joining the theme reviewer mailing list. You can follow Chip Bennett on Twitter at @chip_bennett.