The Weekly WordPress Theme Release Roundup


There are a lot of WordPress themes that come out every week. I mean, really. I know, because I just went through them all to put together the post you’re looking at right now.

I’m trying something a bit new today. I’ve rounded up every WordPress theme that I know of that released this week, and presented them in what I think is a logical order. I’m curious to know if this is helpful for you, so if you appreciate this kind of post let me know in the comments.

Just after the jump you’ll find the nearly 40 themes that came out this week: from, indie shops, and marketplaces. Let me know if you find it useful.

Free themes on

Every week a handful of themes are released on Keep in mind that these themes have been reviewed by the WordPress Theme Review Team, and are going to be reliable in all the ways a proper theme should be.

Museum Core from Chris Reynolds

Sunspot from Automattic

Commercial themes from theme shops

I like calling out commercial themes from shops with their own brand. Technically these cost, just like the ones from marketplaces below, but I think they deserve a bit of extra credit for maintaining their own brand, store, and marketing efforts.

Modest by Jake Caputo at ThemeThrift

ThemeThrift made news this week, as a commercial theme that you can pay whatever you want for. You can even download it free, you jerk.

Trim from Elegant Themes

iKonik from Tokokoo

Dealicious from Tokokoo

mag.Press eCommerce from Obox

ScrollCase from ThemeFurnace

ThemeFurnace launched just this week, and these next four themes are all new this week.

Busine from ThemeFurnace

Perosan from ThemeFurnace

Capiton from ThemeFurnace


ThemeForest and Mojo Themes will bring all sorts of theme qualities. Though the designs can be pretty stellar, there are plenty of reasons to doubt the code quality within. Buyer beware!





Unix Universal

Travel Island




Wait, really? InnoTech?












Sona Clean





Good Space



Thoughts on this week’s themes?

A couple of things stood out, as I went through these themes. Lots of business and portfolio themes. Lots of “responsive” marketing. Honestly, it all had me wishing there were more blog themes out there, rather than a lot of these complex business designs. Have you tried out any of these themes yet? If so, share your thoughts in the comments.

If you’re really into WordPress themes (and I think by reading through this list, you qualify) you should check out The Weekly Theme Show podcast that we do weekly (duh) here on WPCandy. We talk about, review, and generally gush over WordPress themes every seven days or so. I hope you’ll check it out.

17 thoughts on “The Weekly WordPress Theme Release Roundup

  1. Love to see more blog themes, too. On Themeforest it appears that purchases for solely blog themes aren’t nearly as much as that of business/portfolio themes. Probably why you dont’ see a lot of them these days. I do appreciate the team at StudioPress. They come up with a good amount of clean, high end, themes with the blogger in mind. Thanks for the post.

    • Definitely Garth. I’ve been torn for a while about the best way to roundup and post themes like this. themes are, of course, reviewed by smart folks and worth a mention. Then there are also fewer of them released each week, so sticking to only those would keep my workload a bit smaller.

      At the same time, though, I think it’s possible to find gems in the flood of themes coming out of ThemeForest each week. The design sense is usually pretty solid. But since it’s so easy to set up an account and sell using ThemeForest (and as far as I know they don’t do any sort of code audit/review during their review process), you just have to be a lot more cautious when picking a theme up there.

  2. Thanks for listing our Buddypress theme!

    Funny enough I tweeted just yesterday about the amount of business theme there are, why not try different niches!?

    • Sure thing Neil.

      I just figure it’s a matter of what sells the most. I can’t fault developers for making business decisions — but I also get excited to see folks trying out new ideas 🙂

    • You’re welcome Krishna, I’m glad you liked the list.

      Sometimes the best WordPress themes are commercial, but not always. I’d agree that some of the best designs in WordPress themes are usually commercial.

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