is coming, a marketplace where designers and devs can team up


Red Factory, a business that has sold themes on ThemeForest since 2010, has decided to prepare and launch a theme marketplace called Themely. Themely, they say, will be a new theme marketplace where designers and developers can team up and sell WordPress themes together.

Their idea seems to be that designers will receive payment for theme designs the way writers are in the publishing world, using a royalty model. The process on Themely will begin with an uploaded design, after which developers can adapt the design to WordPress or a number of other content management systems. Designers are then able to chime in and make additional supporting items. The exact workflow and payout structures are still under development with a few developers and designers who are involved at this point.

Currently, according to Red Factory’s Patrick Cohen, there are six designers and seven developers involved and building themes together now to map out the process, and over eighty people have shown an interest in being involved with Themely. Red Factory will continue to sell themes exclusively on ThemeForest while developing and launching their own marketplace. Patrick said they are developing a framework to share with those on their marketplace, and are using sales on ThemeForest to improve it.

They are planning pre-launch of Themely in the early second quarter of 2012, and it will remain an invite only network through the end of the year. If you’re interested be sure to let them know by joining their pre-launch newsletter, and check out their clever pre-launch video for a quick rundown of the idea.

3 thoughts on “ is coming, a marketplace where designers and devs can team up

  1. That’s a really exciting idea and I’m thrilled that ThemeForest is enabling RedFactory to work on a project like this! (even if it is a bit of a TF competitor 😉

    And very cool domain name!!

    • Hi Collis!
      We feel absolutely honored to hear something from you! 🙂 And we can’t thank you and Envato enough for the opportunities, now and hopefully for another long time.
      It’s an absolute adventure to start something new. When things get complicated, expect a call 😉

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