Theme Lab celebrates fourth birthday with redesign tease


Just what do you get a laboratory for its birthday? Beakers? Some sort of widget-powered Frankenstein monster? That’s the question today, as Theme Lab’s Leland Fiegel decided to celebrate his fourth anniversary of the site’s launch with a blog post and by teasing a couple snapshots of the upcoming Theme Lab redesign.

In the fourth year announcement post, Fiegel admitted that he hasn’t been as active on the site as in years past due to his busy schoolwork. Despite that, this year has seen four free theme releases from him with plans for more this year.

Add to the (belated) birthday wishes for Theme Lab in the comments below. I’ll start: as a fellow WordPress blogger and developer, congrats on the milestone Leland! I’ll get your gift sent out, just as soon as I figure out how many mints I can stuff into this beaker without breaking it.

4 thoughts on “Theme Lab celebrates fourth birthday with redesign tease

  1. Congratulations to ThemeLab on four years.

    A lot of birthdays lately. Yesterday was Obox’s second birthday and tomorrow is WooThemes’s third birthday.

    • You got a point there, haha. Seems like everyone is having birthday right now. Maybe a sales trick?

      Anyways, congratulations to all the great theme providers 😉

  2. Hey Ryan, thanks for covering this. As far as I know you’re the only person to actually find those screenshots, they’re pretty deep now on James’ Dribble page and weren’t very apparent that they were even Theme Lab’s with the logo blurred and everything.

    Oh and thanks to Steve and Mathias above for the kind words. 🙂

    • When James previewed them on Twitter, I actually had a feeling they were for you! 😉 In fact, I’m sure I even Tweeted saying that to him (or something similar?) — They look good though, it’ll be cool to see it live soon! 😀

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