See just what’s in your food (theme) with Theme Force’s newly released framework


Theme Force has really made a name for itself as a theme shop just for restaurant WordPress themes. Noel Tock and his team must really want restaurants to have better websites, since they have released their framework for free on Github.

Don’t expect to grab the download and be up and running with a theme right away. The Theme Force framework is built as a modular feature set for connecting to various sites like Yelp and Foursquare, intended to be used as a tool for building a complete restaurant site. It’s not necessarily like some of the theme frameworks you’ve come to know.

Have you ever built or woked on a site for a restaurant before? Based on my own experience using restaurant websites, I can only assume that every single restaurant website is broken and terrible. In other words, there is much to be improved out there. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “See just what’s in your food (theme) with Theme Force’s newly released framework

  1. If you’ve ever dealt with small restaurants you’ll understand why they have such crappy sites. My experience over 10+ years doing both print and web work for restaurants and hair salons is that they are absolutely unwilling to spend money. Or unable to. I guess it depends. A lot of the ‘broken’ or ‘unfinished’ feeling sites are exactly that. Broken and unfinished because who ever was hired to make the site eventually gave up trying to get co-operation and money from the client, so the site sits in the ether, half finished with menus from 2007.

  2. What Tony said. Absolutely true.

    If you see a good, uptodate restaurant site, make them a compliment about it, and refer their competitors to that site. “That’s how it can be too..”

  3. Thanks for the article Ryan!

    Tom, Joe (Humanmade) and myself agreed it’d be fun to release the framework. We have our eyes set on a different clientele (i.e. end-users, not WP devs) so it only made sense for us to release for others who didn’t want to use one of our base themes. This way they still have the ability to kick off a restaurant site on the right foot. We’ll release more documentation for it and probably a starter theme, but the main goal was just getting it out the door for now (otherwise you’ll always find an excuse for not shipping it 🙂 ).

    We’ll be supporting designers who want to create a restaurant theme on our framework, by cutting them into a percent of the sales, so that should also be interesting (especially as we’re on recurring billing).

    Thanks again for the post.



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