Tune in for the new free Theme.fm iPhone app


All these kids running around with their fancy website iPhone apps. When I was their age, we had to type each URL character into a field and hit return, and we were grateful to be able to do that! Granted, I’m probably younger than many of you reading this so I’ll just go ahead and drop this joke now.

The team at Theme.fm, who we link to often, have launched their own iPhone app today. They developed it themselves in Objective-C using a plugin they created which uses the XML-RPC API built into WordPress to pull in content. Right now it does little more than show a list of their recent posts, but they say they will be adding more features, along with full iPad support, before long.

On the top of the list of desired features, Konstantin Kovshenin said they are looking to find a better way to display code snippets inside the app, as well as some of their videos which are not supported now.

You can grab the Theme.fm app from the App Store for free. While you’re at it, you might as well create a folder and throw this one, WPLift’s app, and WPCandy’s app in it to compare them. There now — do you have enough WordPress stuff on your iPhone yet?

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