Theme directory uploader tool now offers feedback to the uploader


The theme uploader now displays an extensive list of errors to help developers fix incompatibilities with theme review guidelines and to reduce the load on the theme review team.

Regarding the new method, moderator and programmer Otto wrote:

“This is an improvement over the previous method, which just stopped at the first error found and didn’t give a whole lot of useful output. While that old system is still in place (for now), this one is there in addition to it and will give all the results for any theme uploaded.”

The new uploader is also available in plugin form.

3 thoughts on “Theme directory uploader tool now offers feedback to the uploader

  1. This will certainly save a bit of time and effort on the part of the Theme Review team, but it is more intended to benefit the Theme developers. It greatly reduces the load on the Theme developers, moreso than the Theme Review team.

    The goal is a single-pass Theme-upload check, that will return all guideline-related issues with the Theme. Also, the checks have been updated to encompass more of the current Guidelines; the old uploader script was getting outdated with respect to checking for current WordPress functionality, deprecated functions, etc.

    For any Theme developers who have in the pat tried uploading Themes using the uploader tool, this change should hopefully be a considerable help.

  2. This is an incredible step forward. Having reviewed a couple themes myself, I’m sure the time saved by this tool will increase the amount of themes added to the repo ten-fold.

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