Time to start your Christmas lists: the WP Swag Store is open


The WP Swag Store, which we first noticed a couple of months ago, has launched today as the new home to official WordPress gear.

The store has launched with shirts, an iPhone skin, drinkware, embossed moleskine, a fleece jacket (my favorite), and (of course) baby onesies. New items will be added in the coming months, according to the Jane Wells in the launch post. Small items like stickers and buttons are being reprinted, and will be available soon.

An interesting technical note: originally the WP e-Commerce plugins was to be used to power the Swag Store, but after a few bugs (don’t worry, all is well) the PHPurchase pluginĀ was chosen.

Now, be honest. Who’s going to be gifting WordPress gear to confused cousins and grandparents this year?

*Raises hand*

6 thoughts on “Time to start your Christmas lists: the WP Swag Store is open

  1. I noticed Jane complaining about the bugs in WP e-commerce last week…made me nervous as I am currently implementing that plugin on a site. Is PHPurchase a wiser choice? I haven’t used it. The new WP Swag Store looks pretty sweet, so maybe that’s a testament to PHPurchase.

  2. Such teases! They show a nice big WordPress sticker on a laptop in the photos for the “Code is Poetry” t-shirt but, alas, no stickers for sale.

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