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The beginning of WooCommerce was not without a bit of controversy, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped many positive comments since its launch. It’s safe to expect quality from a shop like WooThemes, but even for them expectations seemed to revert back to cautious when it comes to new territory like e-commerce.

A couple of members of the community have reviewed WooCommerce in one way or another, and they are generally positive so far:

  • Alex King: “Great stuff from the Woo team here. I’ve code reviewed quite a bit of it and I’m comfortable saying WooCommerce is the best WordPress-native e-commerce solution available. I’m convinced enough that we’re switching to it from another e-commerce solution on a project that’s already months into development.”
  • Jeff Chandler: “One of the best things about the back-end of WooCommerce is that it blends in seamlessly as if it were part of WordPress all along. They did a great job of using existing elements that are supported within WordPress such as the tabs, file uploader, and my favorite little feature, the calendar. I only referred to the readme file once during configuration…I was able to configure WooCommerce without any issues.”

Then of course there’s our review that went up earlier this week.

If you have any more thoughts on WooCommerce, or if you have written out your thoughts in a review elsewhere, let us know in the comments below.

11 thoughts on “Meta Review: WooCommerce plugin from WooThemes

  1. Ive done a bunch of development with WP eCommerce and in all honesty the more I do the less I like it. I’ve got a new project I’m just starting and it will be with WooCommerce. I’m hoping it’s my new go to plugin.

  2. After having a brief look at these “reviews” (no Disrespect, but the Alex King review is 1 paragraph!), I would be interested to know how much of the ‘niceness’ is actually from JigoShop and how much is since Woo Forked! There is no mention of JigoShop in either article & I think credit should be given!

    • Well, from the beginning of Jigoshop to the current iteration of WooCommerce, it’s been pretty much the same two developers. 😛

  3. I wish more plugin authors would learn how to use:

    Try deactivating WooCommerce and deleting you’ll find that all the generated pages and the mass amount of rows inserted into the wp_options table are left behind.

    • Adding an option for uninstall is fine which we may well do; but forcing it on de-activation would be bad. If someone de-activated by accident, or de-activated temporarily for debugging and all their options/config/pages (which may have been customised) disappeared you’d be super pissed 😉

      • Mike – I agree with you on the deactivation_hook, makes sense to keep the options there in case of reactivation. And thank you for considering the uninstall_hook. Always encouraging to hear developers are tuned into customer concerns.

  4. Mmh, I see the little WooCommerce ad banners on the top right of the site and then 2 very positive reviews of the product/plugin… I thought WPCandy seemd to be an independet resource?
    You brought the big forking discussion here Jigoshop/WooCommerce but I am wondering where your Jigoshop review is here?

      • @Mark:
        I’ve already know that – that ad system alone is cool. However, I wanted to address another point: there are two full very positive posts (not the 2 quotes just in this post here) about the plugin here on the site, which alone is absolutely great! But today I came across the site and was welcomed by the WooCommerce ad on the page with the actual article about that – with the praising quotes. And that got me wondering about the situation.

        For me it seems a bit like WPCandy wanted the hot forking discussion here because it draws visitors but IMHO I don’t see a really fair treatment of the Jigoshop side. So, my point is, if WPCandy wants to be news source and community around WP I expect independence and fairness!

        Beside really liking the WPCandy approach, I have another complaint about the direction of the site: which really lacks in covering the more international WordPress community. It’s mostly focused on North America and IMH a lot of awesome stuff falls behind. For example, I never read here about the Xtreme One theme framework (by the team behind WPEngineer). So why not review such things?

        And, if you’re covering the forking discussion of Jigo/Woo and then bring a review of the one, a review of the other would be really a fair thing!

        In short: some more balance and some more worldwide WordPress news here on the site would be the most awesome!

        • To be fair, we posted about the forking news so that someone will have posted about it, independently. It was an important discussion that needed to happen. A review of Jigoshop certainly needs to happen as well, but like I said above I think that will end up being in the context of a larger comparison review between other options.

          Regarding international news: there is certainly a lot of good stuff that falls behind and isn’t covered on WPCandy. We’re working every day to fix that!

    • We are independent, absolutely. Pressed Ads doesn’t influence our coverage in the least. We reviewed the new plugin ourselves, and then posted about two others who have reviewed it. As far as I can tell, no one else has written up their thoughts online. If there were bad reviews we would post about them as well.

      I definitely want a review of Jigoshop on this blog. And WP e-Commerce. And Shopp. At the same time, reviews are one of the most difficult type of content to create (or at least, to create well) so it takes time to get them all made. I am taking a renewed interest in our reviews section, though, and am working to improve it. We reviewed WooCommerce, frankly because it just came out and folks are looking for a review. The other WordPress commerce options will be reviewed, though likely in a larger comparison post.

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