The Victory Shop offers hosted WordPress-built political sites


The Victory Shop is a new service for those running for a position in government. It joins Win with WordPress as the only two politically-targeted WordPress theme collections that we’re know of. The key difference between the two is that The Victory Shop is a hosted service, and not a place to purchase and download themes. They are priced accordingly too, with their designs and various services starting at $1,999. Hey, everyone wants higher theme prices, right?

With two different politically-motivated WordPress services, this must be a real growing niche market. I just have one question for the folks behind these political WordPress services: which party is most receptive to adopting WordPress for their sites? In other words, which party is smartest?

8 thoughts on “The Victory Shop offers hosted WordPress-built political sites

  1. Great idea on that niche. Awesome landing pages and product, sure it will do well. Pricing looks good too, but that’s the difference between selling themes & selling solutions.

  2. Your article should note that it’s a theme site targeted at helping Republican candidates, not simply any politician.

    In an age where people are constantly connected, winning politicians are using a majority of their marketing efforts online. We are dedicated to helping Republican candidates establish effective Internet campaigns. Aside from affordability, our websites are user-friendly and robust

  3. I was going to say just what Bob said. The title tag on one page is

    Incredible Republican Websites | The Victory Shop


  4. Thanks for the feedback! Yes, we don’t hide our political affiliation. We’re selling a service and strategy as opposed to an off the shelf product. That’s why we decided to bat for one team or the other. When it comes to partisan races and you’re dealing with strategy it’s often necessary to choose a side.

    Plus, we couldn’t think of a funny image involving the elephant that was quite as eloquent as websites that kick !

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