PageLines Store and version 2.0 of theme to launch in December


In just about a month, PageLines has announced, they will launch what they are calling The PageLines Store. The store is intended to lessen the need for PageLines users to create their own custom add-ons by providing a store for draggable “apps,”, as they’re calling them, to be purchased within the WordPress Dashboard itself. The apps are draggable add-ons for the PageLines framework as well as themes and plugins, they say. It will launch the same day version 2.0 of their drag and drop theme framework becomes available.

In the announcement, Andrew Powers had this to say:

The PageLines Store is the first-ever marketplace for drag-and-drop web design (think of it like an “app store” for drag-and-drop sections, plugins and themes). The Store makes it incredibly simply to buy and sell sections, plugins and themes designed that work seamlessly within the PageLines framework (which as you know runs on WordPress).

Thankfully, the PageLines Store solves that problem for good. If you want to add new type of widget, sidebar, slider, etc… you’ll be able to find it on the Store then simply drag and drop it into your site – Presto! And you’re done.

PageLines will give sellers a 70% cut on each sale made, and allow developers to set the prices to whatever they like. Also included in the announcement are details about PageLines’ upcoming LeContest, which will give a few developers with clever app ideas the chance to join the PageLines team at LeWeb in December.

Version 2.0 of the PageLines framework theme can be pre-ordered for $95. When it’s released it will cost $197.

Only a few months ago StudioPress, purveyors of the popular Genesis theme framework, released their own marketplace for the community. Seemingly in response to the PageLines announcement, StudioPress’ Brian Gardner tweeted his not-so-supportive thoughts. In any case, with another player now entering this space, it looks like we might be smart to expect further theme shops opening up their own stores too.

What are your thoughts on another theme-specific marketplace opening up? Based on what Powers described, do you think you will like its implementation?

9 thoughts on “PageLines Store and version 2.0 of theme to launch in December

  1. I think the world of drag-n-drop themes is about to get turned on it’s head by the release of Headway v3.0. It’s a true WYSIWYG drag-n-drop visual theme framework and it’s extremely impressive. Pagelines, PressWork, Carrington Build and WP Paintbrush are in for some extremely stiff competition.

    • Having never had the opportunity to really use Headway, even PageLines for that matter, it makes commenting on how each of them function difficult. I can only go by what’s available to me on the respective sites. Saying that though, competition is good right? 🙂

    • Hi again Carl!

      I’d agree; competition is always good.

      As discussed in this article ‘drag and drop’ design is something completely different than WYSIWYG; with distinct advantages…

      Lets chat sometime and I’ll walk you through 2.0 and what’s coming up…

  2. This is a really cool direction they’re headed. And the contest is stellar, although devs will have to work fast in order to get their submissions in in time.

    • Thanks Steve,
      We’ll also be holding workshops and working very hard on developer resources over the coming weeks..

      We like to think that developers that get involved early (and deal with the growing pains) will get an advantage over the ones that join on later…

      We’ll see.

  3. I purchased both PageLines and Headway Themes as soon as they launched. My favourite so far is HT, it is impressive throughout! Very flexible with what you can create and there’s no frustration. If you want to copy a grid like website, you can simple create different type of blocks i.e widgets on the actual content page.

    I created my site using Headway Themes 3.0 – It literally took me 10 mins to drag and drop a few buttons. Absolutely amazing!

    Okay.. on to PageLines, I’ve only been using it for a day so I can’t reivew to it’s full potential. But I am becoming very frustrated, it’s not a drag and drop theme completely, you can’t create a unique theme. There’s 3 preset columns.. again I may be wrong.. I still haven’t discovered everything.

    In comparison, Headway Themes 3.0 is great for creating unique themes, practically for any type of website. And you can use the MarketPress plugin by WPMU Dev for creating a marketplace similar to

    PageLines seems ideal for a blog/magazine site.

    I’m still figuring out why there isn’t a “help documentation” for PageLines, there needs to be screenshots of features on the main website.. more visualness about sections for example.

    These are my honest opinions for the moment. I may write a much better review about PageLines in the near future.

    • I am considering purchasing either Page Lines or Headway. Have you had anymore time with Page Lines, I see lots of positive reviews. Wondered if you found any momentum with it. I have seen more frustration reports with Headway then Page Lines. I would be interested to know if you have an updated comment or experience.


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