The next WordPress Melbourne meetup will be a Hack Night

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Organizer Anthony Cole and the folks who attend the WordPress Melbourne meetup will be holding a WordPress Hack Night at their May meeting. The focus will be on trading WordPress development questions and tips, and working on WordPress together. Cole described his hopes for Hack Night on the WordPress Melbourne meetup blog:

My personal goal is to actually contribute a patch to core by the end of the night and get at least two or three others having done the same. We’ll also be able to test WordPress 3.2 with your plugins and themes and debug any issues anyone who’s testing it is having.

The unique selling point of the WordPress hack night is the idea that you come to learn and share. You don’t need to sit in on the presentations – we’ll most likely pour those into the board room with a more intimate setting. If you’ve got a WordPress dev question, chances are someone can answer it.

Melbourne’s May event won’t be the first-ever WordPress hacking session at a meetup, of course. Have you ever held or attended a WordPress meetup with the specific purpose of contributing code back to WordPress? I know I would be interested in participating, assuming enough developers at my own local WordPress meetup would enjoy it.