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Ever since Michael Cromarty decided to leave the WPCandy team in early February this year, I’ve been mostly running this blog on my own with the help of some guest bloggers. I’ve been on the lookout for a new partner to help cover the tasks Michael used to do, as well as just help with around in general. Well after a little hunt, I ended up gathering 3 2 new partners!

Without further ado, I welcome Dan Philibin and Ptah Dunbar to the WPCandy team!

Ptah Dunbar

Hey guys, my name is Ptah Dunbar and I’m one of the new guys here at WPCandy.

Mike asked me to join the team to help WPCandy grow even further and I can’t wait to get started once schools out this semester, I’m really excited!

A little about me: I’m a self taught web designer and developer residing in Atlanta, Ga. I’ve got about 3 years experience doing freelance work but mainly personal projects on the side. I started using WordPress since the 1.5 release and now I use it for all my projects and freelance gigs.

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been trying to push the limits and standards of a WordPress install to behave more like a solid CMS through the use of plugins and themes. As apart of my contribution here at WPCandy, I’ll be releasing awesome looking WordPress themes that are premium in quality and freely available under the GPL license. I hope you’ll enjoy those along with a few tutorials I plan on writing here and there.

I can’t wait to get started and if you have any WordPress related questions, comments, issues, ideas (whatever!), head on over to the submit page and I’ll be sure to answer them ASAP!

Dan Philibin

DanHey everyone – my name is Dan Philibin, and I’m one of the latest additions to the WPCandy team. I’ve known Mike since a few weeks after the site launched, and after saving him from a few sticky coding situations, I managed to slowly work my way into the WPCandy scheme.

Like Ptah, I’m a self-taught web developer out of Johnstown, PA (about two hours east of Pittsburgh). Occasionally I’ll hit the blank canvas and design, although I tend to come up short for ideas. I am knowledgeable in XHTML and CSS, can wrangle with simple PHP, and can add the occasional jQuery effect to a site when needed. I’ve been using WordPress since May 2007 when I began the customization site This site brought in over $1000 of income in the few months it operated before I sold it. Since then I’ve continued to do freelance work around the web, building up my portfolio and blog along the way. I’ve also written a few plugins and have a list somewhere of more I’d like to write…eventually.

Mike and I have been working hard, preparing for V3 of WPCandy. We’ve brought in two outstanding designers to give the site a major refresh, hoping that with this third version, WPCandy will become one of the top WordPress communities on the web. Stay tuned!

22 thoughts on “The New WPCandy Team

  1. Wow, four incredible people all under one website. That’s quite impressive guys – best of luck and I can’t wait to see the redesign!

  2. Boy, look at that shiny party hat on my head which wasn’t there in the original photo…

    Anyways, glad to be part of the team and thanks to the WPCandy community for the warm welcome.

  3. Awesome team you have put together Mike! I’ll do some guest blogging if I get inspired I guess.. lol. I would love to see a redesign soon though. A more colorful one. 🙂

  4. Interested in what Ptah Dunbar has in store for a proper WP CMS. I have just created one by modifying the back end etc so I would interested in what he has done…

  5. Yeah I’m still sitting here in my code ninja outfit waiting for the design to be finished…not sure how the whole site will be run by WP, but it should be fun to code…at least for the first few days!

  6. Looking forward to some great work from you guys. Best of luck to you all.

    Thanks Michael, for your continued contribution to the WordPress community.

  7. Hey, this is awesome! Really looking forward to watching WPCandy shoot through the roof.

    …and Jeff, my 4-year old son thinks you look like a bully in that photo—even though I told him I was sure you were a nice guy—and Dan, you look like a “scary guy” in his opinion. But Ptah, you win. He really likes your “wood” mustache.

  8. Well, things can change within 24 hours. With that being said, there have been some unfortunate circumstances that have crept up which I will discuss with Michael but I won’t be able to write for WPCandy and be on the team.

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