Cook up a niche food blog with the new ReciPress plugin


There is a plugin for pretty much anything you need to do with WordPress. If it doesn’t exist, it’s probably either on the way or another plugin can be modified to take care of that specific need.

ReciPress fits one of those needs. If you’re a fan of cooking, you might want to share a recipe or two. Instead of manually formatting these posts, just install ReciPress. Tammy Hart is the developer of the plugin, which marks her first real foray into the WordPress plugin world.

The plugin itself currently gives you:

  • Custom meta box to create a recipe with a photo, title, summary, cuisine, course, skill level, yield, servings, prep and cook time, ingredients and instructions
  • Sortable ingredient rows with amount, measurement, ingredient and note fields
  • Ingredient suggestion, similar to post tags system
  • Sortable, numbered instructions
  • Custom taxonomies for Ingredients, Cuisines, Courses and Skill Levels
  • Three basic recipe themes
  • Support for themes with or without post thumbnails
  • hRecipe optimization for SEO
There is even a list of future features that will be added soon on the WordPress Plugin Repository page. Along with these additional features, Hart also has plans to create a premium version that has more features and upgraded support. No date has been given for that version’s release yet. You can also follow ReciPress development on Twitter.

Will you be using the new ReciPress plugin on your blog or project? What’s your favorite niche plugin?

2 thoughts on “Cook up a niche food blog with the new ReciPress plugin

  1. This is a great plugin and hats off to the developers involved, a much needed addition to WordPress. However it really needs some upgrades to be useful at a professional level.

    We developed an extended addition to this plugin to add Print and basic RSS Feed capabilities and a few more tweaks.

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