The Future of WPCandy


WPCandy has been an amazing adventure so far, but I’d like to take it to the next step. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’d like to do with WPCandy. There are quite a few sites on WordPress nowadays so there’s gotta be a way to keep WPCandy at the top, right?

Right. But how to do so? That’s where you guys come in. Yupp, you there, sitting in your chair reading this. I want to know what you want from WPCandy and how we can make it your favorite site to visit for your WordPress fix.

Below, I’ve listed some stuff I’d like to do in the future for WPCandy.

  • New site design (different style, more features, better accessibility, etc.)
  • Integrating the gallery with the main site
  • Developing and releasing the discussion forums
  • Writing more in-depth posts (themes, sites, and plugins, tutorials, etc.)
  • Build a network with other related sites
  • Posts about other topics (blogging, seo, etc.)

Your turn. Now that you know what I’d like to do, I would like to know what you would like to do! You can write a comment here or even send us a comment through our contact form. Please try and be detailed and descriptive with what you’d like. I’m all ears open!

10 thoughts on “The Future of WPCandy

  1. Review more themes and sites. It’s always a hassle to dig around the entire internet for good themes so it’s really a lot easier to see all the great ones reviewed on one site.

  2. Right now your blog design is great and I love it, but it looks more usable on a personal blog. Design a layout that would fit your content better.

  3. For me the theme is perfect. It’s clean, beautiful and useful. I would like to see on WP-Candy more about blogging techniques, SEO, and also WordPress tips and tricks.

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