FreelanceJam is a new podcast by two WordPress developers


freelance jam podcastFreelanceJam is a new podcast all about freelancing, web design, and WordPress. Episode 2 (actually the third episode) airs live tonight at 8 pm Eastern time.

FreelanceJam is the product of Brian Casel and Dave Yankowiak, two WordPress developers. Brian runs the theme development company, ThemeJam (notice a pattern?) and Dave develops WordPress sites at Lift Development.

While the show isn’t explicitly about WordPress, Brian and Dave both use WordPress for their development, and are big promoters of the platform. Plus, as music fans, they open and close every show with a new artist.

I’ve enjoyed the laid back style of the first couple of episodes, and maybe you will too. So tune in tonight if you’ve got the time, or you can check them out on their website.

PS: Don’t forget to stay tuned to the WPCandy podcast as well. We like it too.

10 thoughts on “FreelanceJam is a new podcast by two WordPress developers

  1. Thanks for the post about Freelance Jam!
    The first few episodes have been fun. We’re learning as we go, talking a lot about WordPress, freelancing, web design, and all that fun stuff.

  2. Question: I currently have a website in wp simple theme. I want to have a sales page integrated to the site and used as the homepage.

    Is this possible and is it a huge deal? I have optimize press.

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