The Automattic network has half a billion visitors per month


Automattic network reach by Quantcast

Half a billion people see Automattic sites every month. To be more specific, the most recent Quantcast numbers show 502,300,000 unique monthly visitors. Toni Schneider, CEO of Automattic, posted the feat on his blog, and described how the number is measured a bit more:

The Automattic network consists of, Polldaddy, IntenseDebate, and Gravatar, as tracked by Quantcast (the bump you see in November is when we started tracking Polldaddy, ID, Gravatar, and Stats users in addition to visitors).

So, how does this compare to other big sites?

The 502 million number is a global estimate of unique visits. Quantcast also estimates that 156.1 million of those people are based in the United States. Facebook is the second most visited standalone site according to Quantcast, with 129.3 million monthly U.S. visitors. Google is the most visited site with 164.6 million estimated monthly U.S. visitors.

That means the only single site that gets more unique visitors than the Automattic network is Google. So the Automattic network is bigger than Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube, and every other non-google you can think of. Yeah, I know — you want to know about by itself. It’s the number 21 ranked site with 42.2 million U.S. visitors and 178.8 million global visitors per month.

Obviously it may be a bit of a stretch to compare the Automattic / WordPress reach to that of huge single sites like Google, especially when we consider that Google also owns other sites that dominate Quantcast rankings. But it is still very cool to see the reach Automattic has achieved with, as Toni noted, only 75 employees.

You may also be wondering how many of the sites are being counted in the tracking of Gravatar, Polldaddy and Stats users? It’s really just too hard to say, but the numbers nearly doubled with the metrics that were added starting in November. But surely not every .org installation uses one of these services, so we really just don’t know.

What we do know is that half a billion is a ton of folks, and it’s pretty darn awesome for WordPress. Kudos to Toni, Matt, and the rest of the Automattic team.

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  1. So they’re including stats users? That sounds like they’re including the visitors to my site, because I happen to be using a plugin they developed. Not sure they should be taking credit for that.

    Still – 200 million is a pretty impressive figure 🙂

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