The 2010 WPHonors award winners, by category


WPHonors first launched three months ago. After much voting and friendly community competition, we now have the results.ย We were proud to exclusively cover the launch of WPHonors, and now we’re happy to exclusively present the results of the voting: the 2010 WPHonors winners.

Just to recap, the voting categories were:

  • Best Personal Website
  • Best WordPress Related Website
  • Best Business Website
  • Best Free Plugin
  • Best Commercial Plugin
  • Best Free Theme
  • Best Commercial Theme
  • Best Theme Framework
  • Best WordPress Designer
  • Best WordPress Developer
  • Best Blog Author
  • Best Community Member

So the question is: who won? Enough teasing, we have the results and you can see them just after the jump.

Personal Website

Batman 3D won the Personal Website category. The full vote count was:

WordPress Related Website

Digging into WordPress won the WordPress Related Website category. The full vote count was:

Business Website

WPMU DEV won the Business Website category. The full vote count was:

Free Plugin

W3 Total Cache won the Free Plugin category. The full vote count was:

Commercial Plugin

Gravity Forms won the Commercial Plugin category. The full vote count was:

Free Theme

Twenty Ten won the Free Theme category. The full vote count was:

Commercial Theme

On Demand won the Commercial Theme category. The full vote count was:

Theme Framework

Headway Theme won the Theme Framework category. I guess that means they will be giving some stuff away soon? The full vote count was:

WordPress Designer

Jason Schuller won the WordPress Designer category. The full vote count was:

WordPress Developer

Joost de Valk won the WordPress Developer category. The full vote count was:

WordPress Blog Author

Sarah Gooding, regular blogger at, won the Blog Author category. The full vote count was:

WordPress Community Member

Matt Mullenweg won the WordPress Community Member category. The full vote count was:

Congrats to the winners (and now reflecting on WPHonors)

Congratulations to all of the winners! What will you do with all of your fame?

Now, for the rest of us (the non-winners, the plebes): what did you think of WPHonors? Just to recap: first were the nominations, then the voting, then the judging, then more voting, and now the winners. Did who you expected to win, win? And what would make it better, overall, next time?

20 thoughts on “The 2010 WPHonors award winners, by category

  1. Hi, I like this post and it would be great to find out more about everybody mentioned. Is there any way you could include links on their names to their relevant websites?

  2. Nice to see some familiar items & people amongst here, even better to see a couple items that I’ve either used or recently purchased to try out make the cut!

    But I’m very disappointed that as I’m scrolling down the list and wanted to check out any of the top vote getters for any category, I actually have to go back to Google and search for it. Don’t you think it would be a nice touch for the readers to actually link these up?

  3. The top 3 WP related websites are my personal top 3 as well…worth checking them out if you haven’t done so.

    Oh…and heads up to Headway…it really is a great framework/tool for WP.

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  6. Congrats to everyone who won, and thanks for participating!
    Interested to hear what people thought about how the whole thing
    went, and what suggestions for this year anyone may have.

    • Hey Jared,
      All in all, I think it was a good first run. Out of curiousity… were people allowed to vote more than once? I think I did, but wasn’t sure if that was supposed to be allowed. (No, folks, I didn’t vote 100 extra times for Joost de Valk) ๐Ÿ™‚

      Also, I thought the way finalists were chosen was very confusing. A clear method of choosing finalists would be preferred. Was it based on votes, the panel, a mixture, how much? I was surprised by some sites that did not make the finals.

      • You should’ve only been able to vote for 1 post once from a single IP since IP addresses were recorded in the database. You could vote more than once from multiple IPs however but that is for most, 2 max, work and home.

        The finalists were chosen from a mix of judges, judging criteria, and also vote counts were included in the decision. However, I agree that the system for this needs to be refined more and made clearer.

  7. Congrats to all the winners although seems like a tiny number people bothered to vote. How many were polled?

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