CONAN on TBS, and WordPress too

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TEAM COCO is running WordPress

Conan O’Brien fans already know, but CONAN is premiering on TBS tonight at 11:00 EST.  TBS has run a huge marketing campaign for the new show, from promoted tweets to the big orange blimp traveling the country.  The hub of their marketing efforts,, is running on WordPress of course.

It’s really a gorgeous implementation in my opinion.  The home page is a classic blog setup, with the exception of a snazzy video slider on the top of the page. The site also uses a very nice set of custom templates to handle photo galleries.

Conan made the switch to TBS after a great deal of drama at NBC’s Tonight Show.  It’s the second big adventure into late night talk by TBS, after premiering Lopez Tonight a year ago.

One thought on “CONAN on TBS, and WordPress too

  1. WPCandy –

    I suspected was using WordPress, but this is the first verification I’ve found. I would like to figure out which WordPress theme they are using. I think it might be one of WOO themes but I’m not sure. Any tips?

    – Thanks, TMaire

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