TAGStention for WordPress Users


In the beginning there was the brain. The brain remembered all the code from the WordPress codex needed to create a WordPress theme Then the brain was over taken over by the much easier and simpler WPCandy WordPress Reference Guide where your brain would only have to apply the copy and paste command.
Now your brain is about to become much more lazier. How, you ask. Well thats where TAGStention comes in.

Now your probably thinking, what is he talking about. Let me explain. TAGStention is NOT a WordPress plugin nor is it a guide, its a Dreamweaver extension.
Now i hate Dreamweaver don’t ask why I’ve just never jumped into it really, but since I found this extension its growing on me. Rapidly.
It can be used with Dreamweaver 8 and MX2004 but thats all that the website says it has been tested on.

It has some great features such as when you want to create the loop you have the option to create it with comments or without and you even have the option whether or not to add style tags to the loop. It has a large amount of snippets that can be added with the click of a button.
There is also a few wizards that allow you to select a large variety of options such as the blog_info code.

It has become on of my favorite ways to create wordpress themes, of course the WPCandy WordPress Reference Guide is my favorite way naturally. But if you want to be really lazy and have the code added for you and not have it embedded in your brain and be back on top then TAGStention is the thing for you.

To download visit TAGStention at Solutoire.com

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  4. Now this is where things get good to better for wp designers. And as for the title, you might have meant “wordpress designers” rather than users 😉

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