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The popular WordPress theme, P2 by Automattic, has recieved some welcome tagging enhancements on WordPress.com.  P2 is an excellent way for companies, groups, or multi author blogs to communicate effectively in real time.  WPCandy has a private P2 blog running in a subdomain so that the authors can discuss story ideas and get feedback from one another.

When you enter a tag the autocomplete options will now be sorted by popularity to speed the process.  This will definitely help prevent crowding the tag cloud with many similar tags for busy P2 blogs.

Even more fun is the Twitteresque way that P2 will now provide recommendations for user mentions.  For instance, for the WPCandy team blog, I can type @Ry and the theme will automatically recommend @RyanImel for me.  In addition to the convenience of the autocomplete it also creates an archive for posts with author mentions.  So a generic url for posts where I am mentioned may look like http://P2blog.website.com/mentions/BrianK.

The update is currently only on WordPress.com. According to the original post by Justin Shreve, .org installs can expect it in the coming weeks.

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