Sylvester Stallone is using WordPress. And still steroids.


As it turns out, we have another celebrity WordPress site. This time the website is the official homepage of Sylvester Stallone. That’s right, Rambo himself. See, that’s the thing about WordPress sites: sometimes they pop up like a Cobra in the grass when you’re least expecting it.

For a celebrity site, the site’s design is far from Rocky. Some would say the design is Expendable, but I disagree. The site lists all the latest Stallone news, has a fan community, and every major film he’s acted in, written, or produced.

The site was built using the iA³ Template for WordPress as a starter theme. It looks like the developers went all Demoltion Man on it, keeping what they needed and changing the rest. In the end it turned out to be a solid minimalist theme.

Not to leave you on a Cliffhanger, but do you know of any other celebrity WordPress sites out there?

Judge Dredd.

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