Sucuri Security redesigns and revamps their website


Sucuri Security has redesigned their website, from front page to their free SiteCheck scanner tool. Sucuri worked with WebDevStudios on the redesign, starting on the design and finishing with the development, well, yesterday.

Tony Perez, Sucuri CFO, explained their thought process when considering doing a full redesign:

The discussion as you might imagine, revolved around when would be the right time to change our virtual storefront, our website. We had the normal back and forth, “It’s fine” “We just did it two years ago” “People know who we are” etc.. but in the end we decided, that YES, it was time.

I think we’ve all gone through that thought process before, right? As you’d expect, comparison screenshots of the redesign are posted just after the jump.

First up, the homepage comparison screenshot, new on the left and old site on the right. (Click for larger version.)

Next, check out their redesigned site check tool. New is on the left, old is on the right. (Again, click for larger.)

Sucuri might not be a WordPress-specific business, but they are so present within the community that I consider this a worthy addition to our big WordPress site redesign series.

What do you think of their redesign? Does it communicate just what Sucuri is better than the old design?

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